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My journal is mainly friends only, so if you want to be added, or need to get in touch with me, please leave a comment here, or send me an email (see my profile).


Closing my blog

It occurred to me the other day that I no longer post here because my time of blogging my personal life is over. I no longer feel the need to write to process things like I once did. I also feel like my original community here has dissipated as people have moved to other blogging sites.

I'll be archiving my journal and then this blog will be closed. It will not be deleted, as I'd still like to use it to check in with those of you on my friends-list.

I will continue to update my yoga blog when the mood takes me, and I might develop that into something more personal as time passes.

Thanks for everything. <3


From ginmar: kitties in Austin, Texas, need homes. Please spread the word!

Similarly, the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue (based in TN and New England) has had a really hard time the last few months. They have taken in abuse after abuse case, all of the dogs needed medical treatment, and now they have a litter of puppies all with parvo. One of the owners posted a bleak comment on Facebook about their financial problems, which can be read here. To go to their main webpage to make a donation, please click here.

Also, if you usually buy calenders (desk or wall) and like greyhounds, please consider buying from Amazing Greyz. They're based in MA and run by good people. We buy our calender from them every year and it all goes towards helping the dogs. :)

Thank you!

Yoga diary - Musings

Continuing the 'yoga as therapy' theme, I have noticed there's a certain flow to how much yoga I do. This week I've done very little. I used to make excuses for this, now I don't want to. The past 2 weeks, I have had a very yin yoga focus; targeting my back specifically since my pain has returned. When I'm working on just one area, I 'freestyle' it, and I do notice some benefit to putting the DVDs away and just doing what feels natural. Sometimes that includes doing nothing at all. In fact, yesterday morning, I pulled out my mat, stepped on, attempted one sun salutation and almost fell on my face, weak as a kitten! If that isn't a sign that I need a break, I don't know what is!

I'm not entirely surprised to find myself physically weak, right now. Been struggling with emotional 'weakness' for a little while. Some of it is my usual mental health stuff but a large chunk has come from remembering my brother's friend, who was killed last year. I always forget that grief has a way of creeping up on us. Just when we think we're back on our feet, something reaches inside and gorges into our psyche, opening up a wound that hasn't fully healed. It's been dragging on me and now I found myself sickly, sore, and not ready to be on my mat.

I guess sometimes yoga therapy means doing nothing. Maybe my next post should be about 'couch therapy'? ;)


Yoga diary - Musings

In the past few weeks, there's been lots of interesting chatter in the yoga blogosphere that really delves into what yoga means for individuals. I know some people approach it as a purely physical discipline, whilst for others it's an inherently spiritual activity, and for a lot it seems like something between those two 'extremes'. I've wondered for a long time where I stand in this spectrum, and I feel pretty confident saying that, for me, yoga is therapy. Read more...Collapse )

Yoga diary

Yoga has been happening but I've been too tired to blog about it. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with this thing and my other internet interests.

Main news: shocked myself last week by accidentally pushing up into a full Wheel as I was trying to strengthen my shoulders. That was a pleasant surprise! Then at the end of the same week, I came into Warrior III without falling over and made this face: O_o Nice to see some improvement in my strength and balance!

This week I have been doing a lot of Yin yoga (i.e. passive poses that use body weight and long holds to increase flexibility), mainly because I managed to fuck up my neck/shoulders and my right elbow. The elbow is almost 100% now but the shoulder/neck and subsequent headaches are still proving to be an issue, though I am seeing improvement. Today, after my walk with the pups, I did my short 20 minute 'PM Yoga' sequence, and was shocked by how flexible I was. I thought, for sure, that my hamstrings would be tense. I guess I tend to think of Yin yoga as 'easy', when it was actually working very effectively. I followed that routine with 20 minutes of a Yin sequence designed to ease neck/shoulder tension (and which really works).

Other stuff: last 2 weeks, I did yoga just 4 times a week due to guests and being super busy. This week, I'd like to get back to 5. In the future, 6?


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